Mehrkorn Brot Multigrain Bread 杂粮三明治面包 Home-Delivery 送货上门

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Traditional German Bakery 传统的德国烘焙
Mehrkorn Brot Multigrain SandwichBread 杂粮三明治面包

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Mehrkorn Brot
Multigrain SandwichBread
杂粮三明治面包 Traditional German Bakery 传统的德国烘焙

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Weight 500 g

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  1. About Multigrain Bread

    Multigrain bread is bread made with multiple grains such as oats, cracked wheat, buckwheat, barley, millet and flax. Some types are also whole grain bread, but you should read bread labels carefully so that you know what nutrition you’re getting.

    If the words enriched wheat flour can be found near the top of the list of ingredients on a loaf of multigrain bread, then the product is not made of whole grains. Whole grains include the whole seed which is the germ, the bran and the endosperm sections. Refined grains, such as enriched wheat flour, have had parts of the whole grain removed. Whole wheat flour on the other hand is a whole grain as none of the parts of the grain have been refined, or removed.

    Other than whole wheat flour, you may find whole grain flours such as graham and buckwheat in multigrain breads. Again, the key for maximum fiber and nutrients is to look for whole grains rather than enriched or refined grains. This can be confusing for many shoppers, as the word enriched may sound nutritious. In actuality, enriched means that only a little of the many nutrients lost in the refining process was put back in the grain making it far less nutritious than whole grain multigrain bread.

    This type of bread may have three to five different grains or it may have up to twelve different grains. Some are very hearty and have raisins and nuts added. You can usually find different multigrain breads in either regular loaf shapes or in round loaves that are sometimes sold as Rustic Bread or Peasant Bread. Recipes for this type of bread are available for bread makers and for the traditional oven method of baking bread.

    Multigrain bread can add interest, flavor and texture to sandwiches and multigrain sandwich rolls are also sometimes available. Wholegrain bread has a firm texture that makes it great for packed lunches. Toasted slices of multigrain bread can be cut into large cubes to top salads and soups.

    Multigrain bread is a type of bread prepared with two or more types of grain. Grains used include barley, flax, millet, oats, wheat, and whole-wheat flour, among others. Some varieties include edible seeds in their preparation, such as flaxseed, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Rye and sourdough multigrain breads are additional varieties. Other variations of preparations include 7-grain and 9-grain bread,among others.

    Multigrain bread may be prepared using whole, unprocessed grains, although commercial varieties do not necessarily always contain whole grains.

    Interesting Information

    Use in brewing
    A 4,000-year-old Mesopotamian recipe for brewing beer from multigrain loaves of bread mixed with honey is the oldest surviving beer recipe in the world. The Brussels Beer Project microbrewery in Belgium has developed an amber beer with a 7% alcohol by volume named Babylone that incorporates this recipe using leftover, unsold fresh bread donated by supermarkets.

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